What I got from the 8-week Challenge!

Hi Ladies,

I’ve finally been able to process the past 8-week Challenge and savoring what I learned. As I looked over my Life Board and the list of the 8 goals down my page in order, I was amazed at what I’d experienced and done, despite a crazy busy schedule: creating new said Life Board (which I’ve used several times in talks); a “14-day Walk” with Christ to learn about his traits and more fully practice them; regularly working out and eating right (proving to be a huge blessing in pregnancy), more fun with friends, family, and daily life (and trips to New York and Arizona!), and greater connection and organization as a mother (Mom Binder and great chats/experiences with my children).


But I am not unique, and not hardly amazing in those achievements–many women did more and did it better. The great thing is that it was tailored to my life, one doable goal at a time. And I was able to LIVE DAILY LIFE without spending all my time on one area, and, I was able to ENJOY the process.

And I learned so much from you wonderful women. To stay with it when life got nutty; to face the challenges that came and adjust; to see the beauty in the growth as it was happening. You truly are incredible.

If you wanted to do the challenge but life happened, or got the info late, I encourage you to try your own. Our 8-week Challenge winner, Brianna, is spearheading her own challenge with her family, and I’m excited to help them succeed. We will be doing another one in fall, so stay connected for info.

This week, consider your life and one thing you’d like to change. Then choose one thing to make that happen–small, medium, or large, doesn’t matter. And you’ll feel that new juice in your step and smile on your face.

Stay tuned for next week’s “Spring into Motherhood” as we begin our celebration of my new book’s release “Motherhood Matters“. Look forward with us to what’s coming, while enjoying today what is.




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Connie Sokol
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  1. Carol Rose On March 9, 2012 at 8:50 am Reply

    Thank you so much for writing this book and starting the challenge. I LOVED it and want to continue it in my life. Nothing is too overwhelming a little at a time.

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