“Spring into Motherhood!” with fun contests and prizes!

I hope you’re enjoying our “Spring into Motherhood!” with fun contests and prizes! This week I want to focus on Spontaneous Service to another mother. 🙂 Just today I was at Costco stocking up on snacks and food for when the baby arrives. At checkout, my two carts were overflowing, much like my belly, and this sweet lady behind me made herself my personal helper. She unloaded my carts, checked that the cashier was boxing for me, and double-checked that I had help to the car. What a woman! It made me feel loved and appreciated as an expectant mother.

This week, what simple service can you do for a mother near you? Maybe drop off something for a neighbor, pick up something at the store, or hold a crying baby at church. You may meet with, “No, I can do it” but insist at least twice (I told my helper friend no at first, but realized how ridiculous it was to turn it down).

In that same vein, this week’s question is, “What is a meaningful way someone has helped you in your mothering?” From bringing a timely meal to cleaning your home, share a time that it mattered most to you and email me at me@conniesokol.com to win a FREE Motherhood Mattersbook and download of your choice! 

Last week’s question winner: Stefanie Birrer! She wins a free Motherhood Matters book and download:)  “I lost my mother over 17 years ago, before I had children. My husband’s mother was also taken by cancer and I was the oldest daughter in my family. I felt overwhelmed [having children] to say the least! 🙂 My most enduring friend and mother that made a difference in my life, was my grandmother. She lived in Texas and I in Utah. Her unconditional love, tenderness and listening ear was more than I could ever ask for. She was a powerful, yet tender soul. I will always cherish her mothering.”

Last week’s free autism book giveaway: Fay Klingler, for a free copy of DisAbilities in the Gospel. Congrats!

Enjoy a week of Spontaneous Service and receiving fun free motherhood gifts from Back to Basics. 🙂


P.S. If you’re looking for a great Mother’s Day, just know each purchase of Motherhood Matters comes with a FREE download! Now you can give even more to the marvelous mother in your life!! Check out the great reviews on this upbeat book CLICK HERE to read them all.

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