Book Signing at Edgewood, Washington Recap

Beehive Books n' More bookstore owner Chrisy Cope & I. Super fun signing, store & women!!

Had an amazing time at the Edgewood, Washington book signing held at Beehive Books n More bookstore. Owner Chrisy Cope and family not only hosted me at the store but also at their home–talk about a sweet family! They had a fabulous turnout for their Ladies Night Out where we chatted on the couches, signed books, and talked about motherhood. Does it get any better??? Yes, because the next morning Chrisy was up and rolling out homemade cinnamon rolls while listening the LDS Conference over the internet from Saturday.

Life is literally sweet! Thank you, Chrisy and family for an inspiring,

Met so many good women. This sweet lady traveled to tell me she had gone to an EFY talk I gave years ago and said she used it to create major life changes. Was so happy for her and we had a great chat!

successful and completely memorable weekend!”

Here’s a great review from one of our readies of Motherhood Matters:

“Thank you for Motherhood Matters.  As soon as I read in the introduction about Connie being pregnant at 45 I was hooked.  I was not sure to laugh or cry.  Connie is a blessing, my little miracle, and to read books from a ‘real’ person who wants every woman to experience happiness not only in motherhood
but in everyday life deserves more than an applause and some wonderful chocolate.

So long to Dr. Laura and Oprah…hello Connie. Maybe one day I can be a B+ woman. Faithful Fit & Fabulous  is slowly working and Motherhood Matters  added some luster and shine that was missing from my motherhood.” Laura Collis, Crestline, California.

Two new book review for Motherhood Matters, take a look:

Mormon Mommy Writers has a great review and we also have Liz Sez Blog, both give raves reviews. We thank you!!



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